Noob wars: Return of the campers

  • Hey there pro, advanced, intermediate and beginners of our lovely cod4 cirkus server! And hi noob Neho 😛 First of all, I hope you all are fine, but if you still miss that something in your life that will fulfill each of your holes... I mean, hearts, please join this IP adress: . I know you all miss camping to the hardest and raging at players, admins, your PC, your family, your dog... and you can do it all again by simply joining the aforementioned server. You can come back to the good old days of evening relaxation with a few beers, some cod4 camping, raging, beating your kids and wife, and setting your pc on fire. We are expecting you. See you there!

  • Where is everybody?Are u alive guys?
    I hope everyone is fine!The last few months the server is empty. There are many of you asking why this happened, but no one has an answer. .Maybe some of us(admins) were busy in our real life. Come on guys! A Circus is supposed to attract ppl not getting rid of them...If u want anything to discuss about admin actions done in the past we are here! .Shoot the bastards(admins :P)!

    P.S.: Burazzz i missed u! Especialy the times when u get mad 😛 ❤

  • Administrators

    We played tonight a little bit, cya tomorrow at 7-8

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