Ok..lets make it clear. There is NO rule for blind spraying through walls. I asked from you MANY times to stop that shit because not all players know these "blind spots". People keep leaving when you join and you do that. Its not skill and its not fair for those who do not know these spots. You are skilled player, you dont have to do that shit to make kills, ffs!! I made this topic to ask you for one more time to stop it. I ll be honest, if you keep doing that, i will ban you. I am a super calm dude and a super calm admin. But I care more for the dozens of players that leave the server because of you and not that much for you. You are one, they are dozens. I know you will cry to NeHo to unban you and punish me for abusing my rights. Well, as i said i care more about the dozens of players that leave because of you, i love the server and im mad when i see people complaining for your shit and leaving the server. If NeHo thinks that im abusing my rights, he knows what to do. But i ll say it one more time, its not fair loosing players just because of you. Cant you understand this? I warned you..record it..report it, do whatever you want, i wont give a single f*ck. Man, enough..just stop that shit....is that hard for you?

Always this Greeks .... 🙂 Keep calm Dionysus 🙂

Magare, even a stoned cow is not that calm as i am, lmao 😄
But this dude...no, i cant be calm with him, asef!