Admin Blanco Negro

Childish, immature 4 admin. He ruin server gameplay unnecessary threats on ban bcs his ego bcs he CAN DO IT not bcs any reasonable doubts , he is rude, and he was make some temp ban 2 days , "suspicius kill" reason???. All was very clear I was there. Players going on others server. Including me. I crayin but You dont do nothing about. Sad sad situation bcs I love Cirkus but playin mostly on 2 other server. And I m not lonly with that stance.

am i ruining the gameplay or players like u that camp 1 or more minute at the same spot?I m not a babysitter many times should we warn about camping and obj?maybe we should let server in total chaos, but you will all cry again!
am i immature? really? who is one of the oldest players here and argues with a "kid" or "child" like me? no need to answer to this... it s a ritoric question! And if u think i m rude YES I AM...when someone doesnt respect me! At these 3 last months i rarely joined. must be me that server is empty...

P.S: it s not personal for me! remember u started this! i miss irony so much!