Daily basis, or new guest player..thats for you.Read it pls.

  • Last weeks some regular players did complain to me about a couple of admins for admin rights abuse. Are you guys even serious? Admins are not created by the god of patience...they are regular random people you know. Before you talk about admin rights abuse, just ask yourself.. "Do i follow the server's rules, is my behavior nice"?? Lets make something clear...the fact that some times i am a bit more patient with the bad behavior of some players, DOES NOT mean that the other admins abusing their rights. They are NOT obligated to accept your crap behavior, they are not your mom or your girl and they are not abusing their admin rights when they kick or TB you. Thats what admins are supposed to do! NO ONE kicks or ban you without a reason. So, follow the rules, stop being toxic when an admin warns you and have fun 🙂

  • same shit all the time...who is complaining again? admins are not your nanny! you want to play?its ok...we all join here to have fun and relax a bit from our daily problems, not to argue with ppl we dont even know...everyday "malakia" my friend!

  • Drama queens everywhere nowdays my friend Negro... They act like jerks and if you kick them, you are the jerk 😶 Rules are simple and clear, everyone should follow em, admins included.
    Like you said, we all are here to have fun...

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