• i ve been thinking that 14 slots plus 6 admin slots are too much! Imagine maps like vacant, crash where 18 or more ppl play...we cant even move cause small maps are too crowded. My opinion is that 12 slots should exist plus 4 for admins(rarely 4 or more admins join the same time). Tell me your opinion guys... love u all! ❤

  • Hmm..we can play Overgrown 24/7, its roomy xD lol.
    Its ok imo. No need to reduce slots in general. Its a bit annoying in Vacant, but thats only in Vacant, so its ok for me.

  • Global Moderator

    I think the new server has this many slots exactly cos in the past admins couldnt connect and had to wait like the plebs and ppl complained 😄 The number wouldnt be a problem with less spray and stupid shit tbh.

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