Error with new update

You will have to test it, I think that it should, if you have that ban with a cheater report on the website then it will work

I'am not sure if i have mentioned it here, but if you permban, tempban or unban via game console (ingame) the plugin creates the rest on the website. So if you ban it will create a new cheater report without screenshot on the website

Then If I use !permban with b3 the ban will appear on the website? as B3 apply bans with rcon.

yes it should appear, julia synchronize game server with website

Let me know if it works so I know the answer if somebody else asks me the same

Ok, I will check that. Forum doesnt let me reply too fast xD

Let me fix that part, sry its part of protection for new users, against spam

Here is a small teaser how the language menu will look @Klauser

Screenshot_2019-02-16 Home - Cirkus Serveri(1).png

on menu click it will open the available languages

Screenshot_2019-02-16 Home - Cirkus Serveri.png