Error with new update

I will check the card background it is probably some form issue since I removed some parts from it, will investigate and fix it (if you need a quick approach you can change it via robomongo in servers collection).

I will update the CoD4x build and attach it on github.
Actually once the web kick a black SS player his ID is added to black list, in that case when he rejoins the server since he is on the blacklist the web should execute on him command "getss". maybe something is not working properly, will look at that and ask you in future to test it out. The only situation what I can imagine why is it not working is next.

You join the server with black SS profile, "getss" command is executed and you are kicked and added to the blacklist.
You rejoin the server with non black SS profile and the getss command gets again executed on you since you are on the blacklist, the screenshoot arrives and the website removes you from the blacklist since your screenshot is normal (not black).
From now on you are not on the blacklist and you can again join the server with black SS profile and you will be not kicked since you are not on the blacklist on the web.
But if any admin executes on you the getss command if you have a black one you will be re added to the blacklist.

The website executes only once the getss command when you join the server, if you already visited the server and you exist in the database the getss will not be executed (with other words if you exist on page "Players Data" on the website the getss command will not be executed on you since you are an old known player)

I will create a separated forum post for Julia plugin futures, nehoscreenshot plugin is included in julia and since the banlist is stored on the web you don't need any ban plugins. When the player joins the game server before he can connect the plugin checks if he is banned on the website

Right now i am thinking of implementing to the website a new part, cod4x compilation, so in future if i got it to work you will be able to compile cod4x binary files in the websites admin section with 1 click and update your local server binary file or to download it for the external servers.

This will only work if you manually install the required tools for compiling cod4x files (for now maybe I can implement this to but not sure about it yet)

To compile CoD4x from source you require the following tools:

  • list itemNASM

  • list itempaxctl

  • list itemgcc

  • make

Debian/Ubuntu 32-bit:

sudo apt install nasm paxctl build-essential

Debian/Ubuntu 64-bit:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nasm:i386 build-essential gcc-multilib g++-multilib

openSUSE 32-bit:

sudo zypper install nasm gcc-32bit gcc-c++-32bit

Arch Linux 32-bit:

yaourt -S nasm paxctl gcc-multilib make

For julia server commands please chech new forum category Plugin Julia

Ohh ok, I will use robomongo.

Well, I tried it my profile got black ss but it just kicked me once, I reconnected and I wasnt being kicked and my new profile always gives black ss.

I use nehosender, b3hide, simplebanlist and maybe in the future the antispam. are they all included in julia?

Im gonna try to compile it, I did that long time ago. Just wanna be sure the dev_newarch is not unstable.

@Klauser said in Error with new update:


is included, you dont need simplebanlist since Julia works trough web and it will be in conflict with simplebanlist make sure you remove that plugin. b3hide is for b3 so that's ok

I will check the blackSS plugin

If I apply a B3 ban without simplebanlist loaded, will it work as julia is loaded?

You will have to test it, I think that it should, if you have that ban with a cheater report on the website then it will work

I'am not sure if i have mentioned it here, but if you permban, tempban or unban via game console (ingame) the plugin creates the rest on the website. So if you ban it will create a new cheater report without screenshot on the website

Then If I use !permban with b3 the ban will appear on the website? as B3 apply bans with rcon.

yes it should appear, julia synchronize game server with website

Let me know if it works so I know the answer if somebody else asks me the same

Ok, I will check that. Forum doesnt let me reply too fast xD

Let me fix that part, sry its part of protection for new users, against spam

Here is a small teaser how the language menu will look @Klauser

Screenshot_2019-02-16 Home - Cirkus Serveri(1).png

on menu click it will open the available languages

Screenshot_2019-02-16 Home - Cirkus Serveri.png