MS ftw

Hannah, I know you want to be forgiven for all the wrong youve done to me, but nudes were really too much. Tho this juice tastes as sour as lemons juice squirted into the eyes, it is still a diddly squat in comparison to your ice-cold heart. That is, if you even have a heart. I might forgive you after seeing these
0_1538076240348_hannah4 (2).jpg

this is some hardcore action with some girl, plenty of explanation to Survivor, but hey, I didnt mind this dirty pic
0_1538076265076_Hannah1 (2).png

69-ing with Surv before she found out about the affair, I gotta say, Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un!
0_1538076330134_Hannah2 (2).png

Interracial, now this is where it gets really freaky, I never even thought Hannah could do something as controversial as this. Kinky just lost all meaning when this pic went into the public
0_1538076384029_Hannah3 (2).png

This is Hannah before the encounters of the above mentioned people, I mean look at that tight cap, there is no doubt this girl was as innocent as a flower
0_1538076478753_IMG_20180927_174830 (3).jpg

This is the pic after, I mean...she just crossed the line. Can humanity sink even deeper than this? I dont think so
0_1538076528592_IMG_20180927_174846 (2).jpg

I dont wanna interrupt the best soap-opera of the 21th century, but question: was the 1st time with me? 😄

This is really hard for me to see tho 😞 damn, i thought we had something special...

As I said, she has a lot of explanation to do, none of my business

😂 😂 😂
no.. i have to leave this without a comment 😄