Some balance things

I like your broken English, and don't take it the wrong way, but you can improve your skills if you play the game and learn to avoid nades. It seems nades are your biggest problem, but if you play smart I'm sure you can play with ease, if you need, Neho teaches cod4 for very cheap 😉
But you can also watch yt tutorials, I recommend promod videos where they explain everything in depth. I can link them to you here if you want. Enjoy the gayme

Easy easy haha I am not new in this game. But this is my first post and I want to give something useful. And grenades aren't that bad (I am curious, How many times I died from this one car on backlot haha) . I was thinking about every player and gameplay. I have this luck when i wait for every grenade to explode and i am ready to go, then this one grenade let's call him "late grenade" just break everything and often I feel that I am going to die first xd.

@NeHo In minutes? 😄 Someone would say the very first seconds 😄

@Lucky-Mushr00m Tip about the car that kills you in backlot: Just throw your nade and explode it when round starts, then go. Thank me later 😄

@Lucky-Mushr00m You can't have your cake and eat it ... just sayin 😛