• i believe i ve seen enough from him...obviously he is not clean! most players have the same opinion as i do! next time he joins its 1 week ban from me even if i lose my admin rights(some ppl comlpain last days that i m a bad admin). I dont really care what random players think but this parody with bob should stop! server got empty today after some rounds cause he is ruining the game...

    P.S.: Tell me what u think too...especially the admins! GN ppl!

  • i dont think bob is cheating, he seems like a very nice guy

  • Global Moderator

    I will say as always, as long as there is no proof on ss or anywhere that someone is hacking, they are in the "clean zone" even if they are annoying and ruin everyone else's fun cos they are that much better 😄 We should either make a rule that only ppl on our level can play so we have a valid reason to kick, or we cant really do anything. Sorry greeky, its not like i love playing against him, but no proof, no kick from me at least. (Otherwise i would have banned soooo many other players already 😄 )

  • As an admin, I have to agree with @SuRv1VoR and say we cannot ban him. Sure, ss shows his settings are set to lowest possible and it looks like hes playing on Nokia 3310, but every player can do that and its simply not considered cheating. As much as it is annoying that hes good and empties the server, in my opinion, we shouldnt ban the guy. I was annoyed too, but I just remind myself that I suck at other things too and go on with my life thats going downhill hopelessly. Have a great day noobs

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