How to Add a new Server Admin

  • Administrators

    After somebody sends a new Admin application we will receive an notification in the right top corner. If we set up the discord plugin we will be also informed on Discord that there is a new Admin Application.


    When we click on the notification we can see our new Admin Application with some informations


    If we choose Start Conversation we can chat with other Server Admins and after that we can make our decision. other 2 options are obvious i think.

    After we accept the new Admin Application we will be redirected to this user managment page, change the admin power for this user and hit save. (Commands on the CoD4x Webadmin page are limited based on admin power.)


    After we have changed and saved the admin power now we can choose on which server we would like to add this user as Admin. Simply click on Admin on Server and choose the servers where we give this user admin rights, hit save.


    That's it, we have added our new Admin on the Cod4x Webadmin page.

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