How to add/create a Local Game Server

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    In order to be able to create local Servers with 1 click you will need next

    We need a user with sudo (lets call our user cod4 in this example)

    If you created a user cod4 then you should have by default this directory


    Open app/config/config.json

    Change this lines

    "ssh_access": {
        "host": "your-server-ip",
        "user": "putty_username_for_cod4_user",
        "password": "putty_password_for_cod4_user"
    "cod4_server_plugin": {
        "download_link": "",
        "servers_root": "/home/cod4"
    "cod4x_compile": {
        "download_link": "",
        "dir_root": "/home/cod4/CoD4x_Server-master",
        "zip_file_name": "",
        "save_directory_path": "/var/www/cod4xwebadmin/html/public"
    • My application has a directory public change this path to my public folder "save_directory_path": "/var/www/cod4xwebadmin/html/public"*

    After you changed this lines save the file and restart cod4xwebadmin

    Since we are using cod4 user we will place our main cod4 server files in a new directory "home/cod4/main-server-files"

    • this is our main directory
    • all new local game servers will be symlinked to this directory

    home/cod4/main-server-files should contain next files

    • cod4x18_dedrun
      /main (should have a default server config, called server.cfg - name is important)
      /plugins (should have julia plugin)

    If you did all this and everything is ready navigate to the admin section on cod4xwebadmin, click on TAB ADD NEW SERVER and select Add Local Server

    Screenshot_2020-05-11 Admin Dashboard - Cirkus Serveri.png

    In the modal enter the color, server port, server slots, rcon password (minimum 8 characters), julia identkey (we dont need screenshot identkey that implemented in plugin julia)

    Screenshot_2020-05-11 Admin Dashboard - Cirkus Serveri(1).png

    After you have added the server click on edit server

    Screenshot_2020-05-11 Admin Dashboard - Cirkus Serveri(2).png

    Locate inside tab SERVER PLUGINS the 3 lines what we have to add to our new servers server.cfg file

    Screenshot_2020-05-11 Edit Server - Cirkus Serveri.png

    Add manually that 3 lines to bottom of your server.cfg file (order matters) save and exit

    Whenever you create a new local server it is called cod4-portnumber, you know which server is which based on port numbers

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